Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Maggie's Language Barrier

This has been an interesting saga that started at the beginning of preschool and just keeps getting funnier.  Maggie met Prateek in her preschool class at Meadow Lane.  At the beginning of the year we heard a lot about this new friend she was playing with.  Prateek this and Prateek that.  Then one day Maggie came home and she was mad at Prateek.  He'd taken something from her or did something she didn't like.  I asked if she told him that she didn't like that or if she told him to stop or something along those lines.  As with all of Maggie's conversations, her hands were flying and her facial expressions were very expressive.  She stomped her little foot, flung her arms out to the sides, and declared, "I can't!  He doesn't understand me; he speaks Spanish!"  I withheld my laughter and explained that she could still tell him "no" and hold out her hand with palm toward him to say "stop."  She didn't sound like she fully believed me, but she let the conversation end there.

A few weeks later, Maggie told me that she always holds Prateek's hand whenever they go somewhere at school.  I commented or asked if she did that because they were such good friends.  She said that she did it to help him get to the place they were going.  I said that was nice of her to help someone who was learning English.  A few weeks after that Maggie told me that while she holds his hand, she rubs her thumb in circles on the back of his hand.  "He likes it, Mommy."  Um, ok.  I wondered if a little romance was blooming or what was going on with these two.

In December, the class had a pajama party and parents were invited to join their children the last hour of school.  I got to meet Prateek and quickly realized that he was a special needs student.  After that hour around him, I assumed he was non-verbal.  Maggie rubbing his hand as a calming technique made a lot more sense after meeting him!  Maggie continues to talk about helping Prateek and I am proud of how she looks out for others.

In January, Maggie asked me how to say something in Spanish to Prateek.  I told her I couldn't remember off the top of my head how to say more than hola and adios.  She told me to call my friends in China to ask them how to say it.  I told her that my friends from China didn't know how to say it either because they speak Chinese, not Spanish.  I tried to explain that there are more than two languages but she didn't understand.  She continued to believe that if she can't understand them that they all speak the same language and can understand each other.  She walked away from me after I'd tried twice to tell her that the people in China don't speak Spanish.

At the end of January, we met with her teacher for a home visit.  I asked if Prateek was non-verbal and she said that he babbles.  I told her the above story.  She told me that Prateek's family doesn't speak Spanish.  They're Indian!  From what I know, the people of India speak English and Hindi so what Maggie thought was a language barrier is just a developmental delay barrier :-)  Oh, life is always interesting with Maggie!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Duct Tape

The girls and I had Wednesday off from school so we decorated for Christmas and spent a lot of time watching YouTube.  Maggie and I watched duct tape DIY videos.  I made a coupon holder for my purse and while Maggie made her creation, she dialogued as if she were making a video.  She specifically talked about folding pieces over so half was on each side of the paper.  There are also velcro dots on hers since that's what I used to fasten my coupon holder closed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Mena was thankful for my Mom and Dad and Maggie and Holly and Jessie and clothes and food and teachers and family.  Maggie was thankful for Darby (a cat at her dad's house).

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Birthday Girl is Wiped Out!

We were all ready to relax after the party was over on Sunday.  The girls were on their tablets and I was playing games on my phone, when Mena pointed out that Maggie had fallen asleep in the rocking chair.  Mena shut off the tablet and Maggie didn't wake up.  I took Maggie's shoes off and her leg fell back down like dead weight!  This was at 6:30 pm!

Maggie's Friend Birthday Party

Maggie enjoyed spending time with all of her friends!  Around the table going clock-wise from Maggie was Aaron, Emma, Aurora, Mena, Kylinn, Piper, and Holly.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Maggie's Birthday Party with the Frye Family

We had Papa Murphy's for lunch with my family.  The kids each got to make their own Mini Murph's pizza.  While they were baking, Maggie opened her gifts.  The little girl (who is not a cousin) was invited to the friend party and her mom brought her a day early :-).  Her mom asked if she wanted to stay with us or come back tomorrow when the friends would be there.  Allison decided she wanted to stay so I introduced them around and Nancy fit in just fine with all of us.

The pictures of the 5 kids were fun to take, like always.  Trying to get all 5 to smile and look at the camera at the same time is a challenge.  Then throw in that Maggie was in a goofy mood since it was her birthday and us adults were all laughing!

Maggie's Birthday - Barbie Camper

I had a co-worker selling her daughter's Barbie Camper and I thought that would be a good gift for Maggie.  Then I was home with Maggie a few days after buying it and Maggie told me she "needed" a camper for her Barbies.  The excitement on her face was fun to watch as she realized what was inside the present!  She also immediately changed into her new Elsa shirt that I'd put inside the camper.