Sunday, April 20, 2014

Camping Easter Weekend

All of the Frye family camped together at Louisville over Easter weekend.

Beth and I took Ty, Mena, and Maggie on hike.  Ty yelling; Mena sticking her tongue out; Maggie was the only one smiling pretty for the picture!  All 3 kids tried to stand on the first log, but Mena was the only one that could keep her balance long enough for the picture.

Peg and I walked while Peyton, Mena, Jake, and Maggie rode their bikes to the end of the road in our section of the campground.  Maggie and Mena both got really good on their two-wheel bikes this weekend.

Mena "learned this trick" while at the playground :-)

I'm still pushing Maggie on the swings, but she seems to be getting close to pumping her legs.  Maybe by the end of the summer.


Grandma came up with a new idea for the Easter egg hunt this year.  Each kid had their own color of egg to find and they had to find their bags first so they had something to put their eggs into.

Grandpa hid one of Maggie's eggs in the hitch.  Unfortunately, it rolled back farther when she tried to pull it out.  Grandpa had to use a stick to get it out.

Maggie found all 11 of her eggs, but Mena only found 10.  Everyone looked all over but couldn't find her 11th egg.  She said she still had fun and it was ok.  The next morning we went to our picnic table for breakfast and Mena found her egg behind the electric post at the campsite!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Church Easter Party

Our church had their Easter Party at The Children's Museum for the second year in a row.  It was a hit!

Maggie dressing up in the theater area.

Mena dressing up in the theater area.

Maggie ran so fast to gather eggs that I had trouble keeping up with her!

Mena was a little calmer than Maggie when collecting eggs, but still very excited!

Both girls were excited to find candy in their eggs.  Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of Maggie opening her eggs.  She enjoyed the chocolate and even shared some with Dan and me.

Easter Bunny Visited

We are going camping on Easter weekend, so the Easter Bunny visited our apartment on Palm Sunday.  It was a daddy weekend so the girls found their surprises when we got home from church.

Maggie found her Easter basket.

Maggie checking out her new "Frozen" movie.

Mena found her Easter basket.

Maggie wants to collect eggs, but won't let go of her "Frozen" movie.

Mena beginning to unpack her Easter basket.

Maggie going on again about how great it is that the Easter Bunny brought her the movie "Frozen."

Mena collecting eggs.

Maggie finally put the movie down to gather more eggs.

Maggie excitedly shaking her egg!

15 eggs for each of them to find was a lot of fun!

Maggie received stilts, sandals, stickers, and the movie "Frozen."  There were tattoos in all the plastic eggs.

Mena putting all her tattoos into a plastic baggie.  She received yoga cards, sandals, stickers, and the movie "Brave."

Palm Sunday

Maggie, step-sister Holly, and Mena getting in line with their palm branches for the palm parade at the beginning of the church service.

Maggie walking in the palm parade.

Holly and Mena in the palm parade.

Maggie, Holly, and Mena sitting up front for the Children's Message.

Mena and Maggie sang "Hallelujah" with the Cherub Choir.

Aurora, Mena, and Maggie getting in line for the palm parade for the second service at church.  I think Maggie was protesting having her picture taken; she looks like she's in pain!

Much happier to have her picture taken now!

Aurora showing me her palm branch.

Second time hearing the Children's Message.

Second time singing "Hallelujah."

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Dying Easter Eggs

We dyed our eggs on Saturday.  Here the girls are watching the tablets dissolve in vinegar.

All of our eggs are lightly colored because the girls were so excited to take them out and dye their next egg!  They did so well on their own dying eggs without me helping this year!

Sunday, the girls put the stickers on their eggs.