Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day

On July 3rd, the girls and I changed our plans from going to Jamie's party to going to Peg and Jon's since our friends weren't making it to Jamie's party this year.  Jon ended up calling me at 3 pm and asking me to come over early since Jake wouldn't stop asking when Mena and Maggie were coming.  I laughed because my girls were doing the same thing!  We got there about 4 pm and the kids played in the pool.  We grilled out supper and shot off fireworks.  The kids had fun for the first half of the fireworks and then went inside while us adults enjoyed lighting the rest.  We stayed the night at their house and I dropped the girls off at their dad's at 9:45 am.

The girls enjoyed celebrating the 4th with me and then with their dad.  They have fun with both halves of their family, but geez it gets lonely for me when they go to their dad's.  I spent the 4th sewing the pink princess dress for Maggie to wear on Halloween.  I also went to dinner with Lora.  Sunday the girls were still with their dad and there was no Sunday School so I didn't get to see them.  I used the day to clean out my old curriculum.  Today I got to see the kids when they came to summer camp at church and now they are back with him for the rest of his vacation time.  I'm getting the blog up to date.  I won't get tomorrow evening with them but at least I'll have the day with them before their dad gets off work.  I sure miss my kids when they go to their dad's.  I am getting a lot done which helps the time go faster and not feel like such a waste.  I showed Maggie a picture of her dress today on my phone and she is excited for her costume.

Maggie -- Oversized Art

These are Maggie's oversized easel paintings and coloring page that she did in January of 2015.  They've been hanging in the closet for the last 6 months and I decided to clean out the clutter in this apt!

Mena -- Oversized Art

These are easel size paintings and a coloring page that Mena did in December and January of 2015.  I kept them on a pants hanger in the closet and finally decided this month that taking a picture would be easier than keeping these huge pieces of art.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Light Bulb Art

The girls and I decided to try to see every Light Bulb Art in the city.  Wednesday, we saw 5 and then had a picnic lunch in south Lincoln.  Thursday, we drove to Omaha to see Shakespeare on the Green with Beth Z. but the play was cancelled due to the rain.  On our way home from dropping Beth off at her house, we stopped at the another light bulb display.  7 seen; 43 to go!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nebraska Capitol Building

On Tuesday we toured the capitol building.  The man was really good at gearing it to the children.  I set our camera on the railing and took our picture together outside the building.  At the top of the building the girls were trying to find our car and our church.  I ended up taking a picture and then pointing at it on the camera and then they could see it out the window.  I felt brilliant in that moment!  After the capitol we stopped at church for my paycheck and then went to Dairy Queen since the girls had coupons for free cones.  We arrived just at lunch time and decided to buy lunch instead.  We went back to DQ on July 3rd and used the coupons.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Folsom Children's Zoo

On Monday we went to the zoo in the morning.  Their favorite part was the train ride at the end.  In the first picture of the girls on the caterpillar, the girl in the back right is chewing out her brother for getting in the picture that I was taking!  He scooted back to her so fast that by the time I took the picture he was with his sister.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum on Sunday afternoon.  Maggie's favorite station is the face paint which she declared she'd do "by myself!!"  She was so proud of herself when she was done.  Mena did most of her face paint herself, too.  I just did the hearts on her cheeks for her and then she wanted to add a costume and put on a show.  She also enjoyed dressing up and climbing on the police motorcycle.  Dress up seemed the theme of the day for my girls!