Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Eggs

We didn't get our Easter eggs dyed before Easter so we did it today.  The Easter Bunny hid plastic eggs with candy in it, so we dyed the eggs today.  The girls had just as much fun today so I don't feel bad about not getting it done before the holiday!

Wedding Shower

Today we had a wedding shower for my cousin Jessica.  Here I am with all my girl cousins.  When I told Maggie we were going to a wedding shower, she got a puzzled look on her face and asked, "Are we all going to take a shower together?  Should we bring our swimsuits?"

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mena's First Loose Tooth

This morning while flossing Mena's teeth, I saw that an adult tooth had broken through the gum and then felt the wiggly tooth.  Mena is super excited; she's been waiting "forever!!!"

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

This appeared to be serious business for Mena to hunt for eggs in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.  I couldn't catch her smiling in any of the pictures!  If you notice in the one picture, Mena is going for an egg but she's watching the dog on the other side of the fence to see if he's going to bark at her.  Maggie's cutest moment was when she told me the egg "is right beside my pet turtle!" when referring to the turtle statue that my mom has.  Maggie carried the "pet" turtle and rabbit all over the yard while playing that morning!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Play Date with Aurora

Friday there was no school so Aurora came to play while her mom was at work.  
They had a lot of fun playing inside and outside.  Making a train down the slide didn't work so well; Mena came un-hooked and Maggie didn't even get a chance to sit down before they started sliding down!  Angie and Ryan stayed for supper before taking Aurora home.  They were wore out by bed time!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Girl Scout Tea Party

The 1st grade Girl Scouts invited our troop to a tea party.  The girls have each written a letter to a girl in the other troop.  Mena's pen pal is Hannah and when Mena met her today, she realized that she's the Hannah that she plays with at daycare after school, too!

Sharing Easter Candy

I read in a magazine about sending treats to soldiers stationed overseas.  I found the website and the girls decided to share some of their candy with the "Roman" soldiers.  I tried multiple times to explain that these are American soldiers and not the Roman soldiers from the Bible story.  While at HyVee, we bought some Wheat Thins, granola bars, and coffee to send with the candy.  Less that we eat and teaching the girls to share at the same time.  They actually ended up putting over half of their candy into the ziplock baggie to share; I was impressed.  The cards they made with glitter glue say, "Thank you for keeping all the people safe."  Once the glitter glue dries, we'll go to the post office and learn how to mail a package to an APO address.