Friday, December 19, 2014

Preschool Christmas Celebration

Dawn is the daycare director.  Maggie was turned around looking at the parents rather than listening to Dawn :)

Miss Jennifer read the story of baby Jesus.  Maggie scooted over she she could see right between the girls' heads and paid attention to the whole book.

Her class sang and danced to "There Was a Baby Jesus."  All the kids really got into it.  Miss Marne is a great teacher.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sophia the First Cupcakes

Walgreens was selling Sophia the First Cupcake gift packages so we bought two.  The girls each got an apron, spoon and spatula that they can keep to reuse.  They each made 6 mini-cupcakes.  There ended up being more frosting and sprinkles than there was cake in each!!  Mena was very focused on making hers while Maggie was intent on taste-testing every part of the process :-)

Maggie's Dance Recital

Maggie's dance class is during the day at preschool.  Their dance recital was super cute with 6 songs.  She did well considering she spent a lot of time looking at the audience!  The two videos are of their sign language song and Rudolph.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Girl Scout Investiture Ceremony


Mena's Girl Scout Troop includes Lily, Mena, Taelynn, Joplin, Tessa, Presley, and Aunalie.

Mena and Joplin both got sick in November when the Investiture Ceremony was held so Heather and I had another ceremony in December for these two girls to get their pin and patches.  Heather pinned on Mena's Daisy pin and then we each did the Girl Scout handshake with her.  We had to keep shaking until the pictures were taken :-)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Meeting Elsa!

Maggie's friend Kenly had a birthday party at the Joyo Theater.  We watched "Frozen" while eating popcorn and drinking pop!  Following the movie Elsa showed up at the party!!  The girls were in awe!  Elsa stayed for cake and gift opening.  Maggie told Kenly what our gift was before Kenly got the bag open.  :)  When it was time to leave the girls went to tell Elsa good-bye and Maggie gave Elsa a hug!

Church Christmas Program

We had a traditional Christmas program at the 9 am service this morning at church.  The non-choir kids had roles in the play and the children's choirs sang songs in between the parts of the story.  The videos are of "Away in a Manger" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain."

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Santa Claus

Grandma was supposed to go to the North Pole Express with us at the zoo, but she got sick.  My friend Beth joined us since I'd already bought our tickets.  The girls enjoyed a train ride, the cookie station, and walking around the zoo.  Neither of the girls wanted to sit on Santa's lap so he asked if they wanted to sit on his chair.  Once the chair was between the girls and Santa, they were willing to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  Mena had been rehearsing her list of three items all morning and remembered her list perfectly.  Maggie started telling him all about Frozen and Elsa.  The back of our tickets had coupons for Amigos so that's where we ate lunch after we left.