Friday, November 7, 2014

First Report Card

Mena got her first report card and progress report for Kindergarten.  She got all 3s with a few 4s!  The progress report was good also.  The coordinator called me to discuss her IEP.  She's up for re-evaluation and she's currently performing on the low side of average.  Her coordinator was afraid she wouldn't qualify for services if we have her tested and he didn't want to pull the services away from her too early.  Gene and I decided to waive our right to an evaluation and accepted the coordinator's offer to have services continue as is.  Everyone at school is pleased with her progress and wants to be sure the progress continues into her first grade year also.  I was told she could continue with services as is until she is in 2nd grade with this plan.  We are so proud of how far Mena has come and how well she is doing!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I found a new guinea pig on Craig's List.  I picked him up Wednesday after my class was out.  I picked up the girls from daycare on Thursday and we discussed what to name him.  Maggie wanted to name him "Elsa."  I said that maybe we should pick a boy name rather than a girl name.  Mena suggested Hans and I asked if we wanted to name him after a character that makes bad choices.  We considered Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.  I let the subject drop when the girls couldn't agree and later commented that he had a lot of white on him.  Both of the girls agreed that he should be called Olaf.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Daisy Girl Scouts

I am one of Mena's Daisy Girl Scout troop leaders.  Here is our troop working on a mural together.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maggie's Family Birthday Party

Maggie is really into Frozen right now.  For her birthday she received a Frozen bag, a stuffed Olaf, an Elsa and Anna hat and glove set, a set of Frozen books, a Frozen board game, and a personal dvd player.  She picked out a Frozen birthday cake.  She was kind of nervous to blow out her candles, but she did it!

Aunt Beth snapped some good pictures of the kiddos!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

RIP Puck

Saturday morning I noticed Puck was sick and that he hadn't eaten since Thursday night.  We took him to the vet.  I paid $77 for everything the vet could do to save him and he died Saturday afternoon.  I had to tell the girls that he was dead in the cage.  Mena asked what we would do with him and I said we would have to move him to a box I had but I wasn't sure how to move him.  Mena suggested we use the dust pan that I use to clean the cage which worked great.  I put him into the box and we taped it closed with pink and purple duct tape.  The girls wrote on the box to tell Puck they loved him.  Then I put him in the trash dumpster so the garbage man could bury Puck with all the other rabbits and squirrels that have died in Lincoln.  The girls both seemed fine that night.

Sunday morning at breakfast we had a very interesting conversation.  Maggie wanted me to bring Puck back and I told her that Puck would stay with Jesus now.  She was sad.  I was sad to not have him talking to me as I walked around the apartment.  Mena was worried that I would get worms like Puck did.  I told her that wouldn't happen to a person.  She then made a plan that if I died she'd take my phone and call her dad to come get her and if daddy died then she'd take his phone and call me to come get her and Maggie.  I assured her that neither I nor her dad were going to die for a long time.

Mena's school teacher said that she never mentioned Puck.  Maggie's preschool teacher said that she told her all about Puck's worms and that he died and was with Jesus.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Maggie's Preschool Celebration

Maggie's preschool does a celebration the last Friday of the month to show what they learned that month.  I went in September and Gene went in October.  He sent me this video.


Mena wanted her picture in her Sofia the First costume in front of the new car.  I bought a 2003 Toyota Camry in October.

Mena's Girl Scout Troop was invited to a Halloween party so I dressed up in the costume I made before I had kids.  It still fit pretty well so all three of us were dressed up for the party.

Maggie had two costumes this year.  I planned to sew her a pink princess costume like Mena's purple one but that plan flew out the window when I had to deal with lice.  The day I had planned to sew was spent doing laundry.  Luckily I had this monkey costume from when Mena was 4 years old which worked great for our outdoor Halloween activities.  When we went to the Children's Museum Halloween party, Maggie wore some of her dress up clothes so she didn't get so hot inside.

Both of the girls enjoyed themselves at the Children's Museum Halloween party, but Mena was mad that I made her stop for a picture!

Grandma went with us to Boo at the Zoo.  Lots of candy, but I think the train ride at the end was the best part for the girls!

The girls' buckets were nearly filled to the top after trick or treating around the neighborhood behind our apartments.  Four Halloween events in October made for lots of celebrating and fun!