Friday, August 15, 2014

Lunch Helper

The PTO asked for volunteers to help with kindergarten lunch during the first week as they learn the routine.  I was helping the other classes through the line when Mena's class entered.  On her face was a big smile and yet there was a look like "I see my mom but I can't get out of line!"  When she got to where I was helping she asked me to come sit with her.  I visited with Mena when there was a lull in what I needed to be helping with.  She was literally the last kindergartner done with lunch, but I'm not sure if that's because I was there or because she's such a slow eater.  My mom said I was always the last done eating in my class because I refused to eat my peas.  Will she ever let me live down my hatred of peas?! Haha.  After Mena was done, I was able to walk her to her class.  I gave her a hug and kiss and Mena walked off without any troubles!  Yea!!

The Sunday and Monday nights before school started were full of anxiety for Mena.  Bedtime was full of drama so that I was tired the next morning.  Then Tuesday night she went to bed just fine.  I think once she'd been through the first day of school, then she was able to relax.  She's also gone to the school age room at daycare without any issues the rest of the week.  We made it through the transition and she just might be like me.  It's more stressful leading up to a change than it is to actually live the change.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Arriving at Kahoa

I dropped Mena off at daycare so she could walk to school with her class from Rosemont Day Care.  Ms. Beth and Ms. Dawn walked the kids and showed them where to look for the Rosemont van after school.  Gene and I were so busy taking pictures with Mena that her class went in without her--oops!  She got into her classroom just fine and then Gene and I went to work.

After school I asked Mena how her day was.  Everything she described was positive, but after describing centers, library, and PE she then told me that kindergarten was too long!  She's had 3 years of half day preschool so I'm sure it did seem long, but the funny thing is that school is getting out an hour early this whole week so I'm anxious to see what she thinks next week when she has to stay for the full day!

First Day of Kindergarten

I got both of the girls dressed for Back to School pictures.  They were willing to let me take pictures until they got chilly!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Kahoa Open House

To celebrate the last day of summer, the girls and I went to Amigos for supper.  Then we met their dad at Kahoa's Open House.  Mena was excited to find her table in her classroom.  Her SpEd teacher left her an "O-fish-ally in Kindergarten" gold fish snack as a welcome gift.  I thought the tag was such a cute idea!  Maggie had to get in on the action by checking out Mena's spot at the table.

New Classrooms

Maggie brought home her name tag from the Lions room because she has a new name tag in the Monkey room.  Mena moved up to the school age room at daycare.  Both girls were excited for their new rooms up until about 15 minutes before we left for daycare when Mena decided she wanted to stay in Ms. Maryann's room.  I explained to her that she was in the school age room, but I didn't convince her of this very well!  We had to peel her off my leg when we got to daycare.  Maggie went to the Monkey room without any troubles.  She was excited to see her old friends in her new room with her.  I think Mena was intimidated by all the upper classmates that she didn't know in the school age room.  On the second day in the new rooms, Maggie was excited to return and Mena tried again to tell me that she was going to Ms. Maryann's room.  I didn't have to peel her off my leg so it was an improvement over day one!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pawnee SRA


The girls enjoyed going hiking with me and they were thrilled that the two trees nearest our camper were low enough that they could climb them.  Each of the girls is now pretty good at taking pictures so they can take pictures of me with the other sister.  It's nice having pictures of me with my daughters!

Pawnee State Recreation Area

The girls and I camped at Pawnee SRA Thursday through Sunday.  The first picture shows the new curtains I sewed for the camper.  That long window is next to Mena's bed.  I also sewed a curtain for the door's window.  I take it down while I am driving and only have it up when we are camping.

The girls enjoyed bike riding, the playground, swimming in the lake, and playing at our camp site.  Maggie was trying to kill all the ants under our picnic table!  I successfully grilled our supper three nights in a row.  The girls thought the food was yummy and although the fire had gotten bigger than I intended after I put the chicken and bread on the grill, I was able to turn it all into delicious food!

It was great family time!